Private Company Governance Program



Winter 2024

February 20, 21
March 4, 5
March 19, 20

* all sessions are 4 hours

FallĀ 2024


* all sessions are 4 hours

Private Company Governance Program

Transform your perceptions of governance and discover the path to high-performing boards.

Facilitated by c-suite industry leaders with decades of experience as directors and chairs, this comprehensive program will combine governance theory with real-world practical experience. 

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The journey will transform your perception of what a board is and how a high-performing board can add value.


  • Understand principles of governance
  • Enhance awareness of how a board adds value
  • Address the roles of management, shareholders and directors
  • Advance understanding of the board’s role in strategy, risk, talent and succession
  • Explore director’s responsibilities in board room finance including financing strategies, enterprise valuation and exit strategies
  • Gain awareness of how a high-performing board can contribute to the success of an organization
  • Network with like-minded individuals from a broad range of industries and geographies


  • The program will be delivered in 6 modules of 4 hour duration spread over a 5 week period (total 24 hours)
  • Facilitated sessions will be highly interactive with extensive group networking
  • Pre-reads, case preparation, and assignments will advance learning between modules


  1. Owners/Shareholders considering a board or looking to reinvent their board,
  2. Directors looking to improve their contribution on boards, and
  3. Executives trying to understand the role of the board and how to contribute effectively in the boardroom.


$4,500 plus applicable taxes


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