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We are experienced c-suite executives with decades of experience as directors and chairs.

Why Ozone?  We have lived it! 

A well-designed board leverages diverse skill sets and experiences. It challenges the organization and elevates strategy through healthy skepticism and constructive conflict.

A High Performing Board...


Ensures an organization is on a path to achieving its purpose.


Provides insight through strategy and forward-looking conversations.


Adds value to an organization through critical thought.


We design and develop high-performing boards that achieve greater results.

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Board Design

Is it time to create a board for your company?

We design or re-design advisory or fiduciary boards based on the needs of shareholders and the goals of the organization.

Ozone has developed a proven process to take shareholders through intentional design including the type of board, the board composition, and the board dynamics to take your business to the next level.


More About Board Design

Board Evaluation

How effective is your board evaluation? Are you investing in board development?

Evaluating board performance is critical for success—yet many boards either skip evaluations or it is treated as a routine exercise.

Ozone fundamentally believes that every board can be better. We have developed a unique process to facilitate a board assessment with the key goal to help boards build meaningful development plans.

More About Evaluations

Board Development

What does a high-performance board look like? Is your board truly adding value?

We believe that boards should be the highest performing team in every company. So where does a board go to be better?

At Ozone, we leverage a group of thought leaders and experts in private company governance to help elevate boards through coaching, training and development.


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