Why Ozone?

Every organization deserves a great board.

Darren Rawson and Mary Cameron created Ozone with the purpose to inspire high-performance in governance.  If you are going to have an active board, have an amazing one!


Curious to learn how to establish a new board?

Want to explore how to elevate your board contribution as a director?  

Transform your perceptions of governance and discover the path to high-performing boards.

Facilitated by c-suite industry leaders with decades of experience as directors and chairs, this comprehensive program will combine governance theory with real-world practical experience as you explore the dynamics of how boards add value.

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Are you an active chair looking to elevate your contribution?

Ozone believes the most critical success factor to a high-performing board is having a great chair.

Network with like-minded chairs from diverse backgrounds exploring the critical role of a chair in a high-performing board and how to be a better chair.

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Thinking of creating a new board?

Wondering if your current board structure or dynamic is right?

Ozone believes high-performing boards are accretive to an organization and not just a cost of doing business or necessary overhead.

We believe high-performing boards are intentionally designed.  Starting with the needs and intentions of the shareholders or members.

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Is your board and director evaluation process as effective as it could be?

Does your board evaluation process result in constructive change?

Wondering if it is time to get an outside perspective?

Ozone believes the purpose of a board assessment is continuous improvement, not a score, with the outcome board and director development plans.

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Looking for leading thoughts on high-performing boards?

Board With a View is our monthly publication providing directors and executives insights, tools and tips to elevate your board. 

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"I was intimidated by the thought of setting up a board. It seemed like a lot of work and I wasn’t sure where to start. Ozone seamlessly guided me through the process... I wish I had done this years ago!"

Board Design

"A huge thank you to each of you. I was somewhat hesitant prior to taking the program. However from the first module through to the end of the sixth, I found every minute of learning truly engaging, relevant and so incredibly astute."

High-Performing Board Program
Attendee (Executive, Director)

"Ozone spent a half day with our board and it radically changed our discussions, agendas, our board materials. Our team is now challenged in every meeting to do better. Our board discussions have never been more productive."

Custom Advisory
Chair, Governance Committee

"Time flies in Just for Chairs' sessions. The best part is the opportunity to connect with experienced leaders who have been there. Shared experiences can be humbling yet provide incredible insights. I leave every session with several practical ideas I can apply.""

Just for Chairs
Participant (Board Chair)

"The process of setting up a board helped me achieve clarity on the business and my goals. With every meeting, I am seeing major progress in my business."

Board Design

"Quite often I jump into something head first and then look to learn what I am actually doing. I treated my entry into the life of a director much the same way. This program has given me a path to follow and the confidence I need to move forward in a productive way. I am not afraid to contribute to conversations or initiate thoughtful questions."

High-Performing Board Program
Participant (Director)

"Setting up a board, nearly from day one, was one of the best decisions we have made. We learned from Darren and Mary that the most important role of a private company board is strategy, and that your board should be the highest performing team in the business."

Board Design

"My team were starting to begrudge the time it took to prepare materials for the board. I felt we were wasting precious resources and was considering disbanding my advisory board. Instead, I brought in Ozone to do a board assessment and redesign and now the packages are condensed, meaningful and our discussions are spent on strategy and current issues. What a difference!"

Board Assessment

"I wish I would have had a course like this years ago. My approach to board operations and the value I can bring as a director has forever shifted. I am already applying the learnings in my day-to-day engagement with my fellow directors, and for the first time in a long while, truly excited to present as an executive at my next company board meeting."

High-Performing Board Program
Attendee (Executive, Director)

"Most entrepreneurs we talk to are sorely lacking in their board awareness and knowledge for private companies. They see models from publicly-traded or non-profit companies and do not realize what is possible or what they are missing."

Board Design
Founder (Private Company)

"My sincere gratitude and appreciation for disrupting my comfort zone and allowing me to explore the possibility of greatness."

High-Performing Board Program
Attendee (Director)

Want to Learn More?

Ozone's team are all practitioners with lived experience as c-suite leaders and active directors/chairs.

Whether it is an extensive governance review, a custom training workshop, or guidance on a challenging board dynamic, our team is ready to help.

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