We created Ozone out of a passion for high-performance private company governance.

We created Ozone to challenge conventional thinking on what a board can be and how it adds value.

We created Ozone to make a difference.

Mary Cameron, ICD.D

Mary is a former CEO and executive with experience in real estate, insurance, IT, and utilities. She was also a former Deputy Minister in two provinces. Mary is a full-time Director and Chair and has made a long-term commitment to Habitat for Humanity currently serving as Vice-Chair of Habitat for Humanity International.

Darren Rawson, P.Eng., ICD.D

Darren is a former executive with 17 years experience as CEO of mid-sized companies. His 30+ year career has spanned a variety of industries including upstream/downstream oil & gas, industrial chemicals, specialty metals, manufacturing, distribution, and construction and 25 years international business experience. He is an active Director and Chair.

Gerard McInnisCPA(CA), CBV, ICD.D

Gerard is a former partner at EY in Calgary, Alberta. With a technical underpinning and proficiency as a finance/valuation professional Gerard understands intimately how development and execution of strategic plans impacts value creation. He is a leader in risk management, financial analysis, stakeholder communications and Board relations.  Gerard is an active Director on numerous private and non-profit boards.

Allison Christilaw, MBA, ICD.D

A seasoned consultant, business leader and board director, Allison brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, sharing her expertise in business strategy and operational effectiveness.  Her work across many industries and types and sizes of firms gives her a breadth of knowledge and perspective that serves her well in developing informed judgement on issues. She is an active Director and Committee Chair.

Alexandra McMillan
Customer Experience Director

Alexandra is an expert learning design consultant who prides herself on delivering outstanding customer service. Her focus is to provide learning experiences that enable today’s business leaders in all sectors to lead change and increase organizational performance. Alexandra has a passion for learning and development and holds a Bachelor of Arts and is currently pursuing her Masters of Distance Education with a focus on Instructional Design.

Jane Halford, FCA, ICD.D
In her business, Halford Consulting Inc., Jane serves boards and CEOs to accelerate performance and improve the success of their incoming leader. She also speaks and teaches on governance, leadership, and executive transitions.  She is an active Director and Chair currently serving on 3 boards.


Jacquelyn Colville, CPA(CA), ICD.D
Jackie is CFO at Midnight Sun Financial, a specialty financial services firm active in private investments, foreign exchange trading and innovative securities and derivatives.  Jackie has extensive experience in financial management, business leadership and directing strategy.  She is an active Director on numerous boards.